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Decreased libido and 8 more alarming symptoms in your man that cannot be ignored

Getting married, often a woman not only takes responsibility for household chores, but also becomes a kind of medical manager for the whole family. Men tend to deny the existence of problems with their health to the last. Therefore, especially for women, and the Andorod doctor compiled a guideline on what symptoms in the health of men in the family (husband, son, father) should alert and require a trip to the doctor.Clinical and diagnostic center Medsi on Krasnaya Presnya, oncologist, andrologist, ultrasound doctor
Alarming symptoms
The first thing you need to pay attention to is urinary disturbance (rapid, painful, weak pressure, splitting of the jet, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, etc.), urinary incontinence. This is a clear sign of prostate adenoma, urethral stricture, and other diseases of the male reproductive tract.

Also, pathological secretions from the urethra (especially bloody) should be alerted – there can be many reasons that later, during the visit to a specialist, can be studied in more detail. But above all in this situation it is important to exclude cancer, catch the disease at an early stage and assist the patient in time.

Signs of cancer, the presence of a cyst or a disease such as varicocele can include symptoms such as an increase in size, the appearance of tumor-like formations or pain in the scrotum. In such a situation, self-medication or delay in a visit to the doctor can provoke serious complications.

4. The absence of spontaneous pregnancy in a partner for 1 year, if we are talking about a man of reproductive age, can be a sign of both infertility and varicocele (varicose veins of the sinusiform plexus of the spermatic cord).

At first glance, “innocuous” back pain, which does not stop when the body position changes, which many mistakenly choose to ignore, may in fact indicate the presence of urolithiasis, hydronephrosis and other diseases.

It is important to pay attention in time to persistent bone pain – these may be signs of metastasis of prostate cancer in the bone.

Impotence, hypogonadism, metabolic syndrome may be behind such signs as: problems with erection, libido (desire), early ejaculation.

A clear sign of phimosis is the inability to fully open the head of the penis.

The presence of a dense formation in the body of the penis and its curvature during erection is a sign of Peyronie’s disease.

How to help a man
It is important to convey to your loved one the idea of ​​the need for a blood test for PSA annually, this is especially important for men over 45 years old. A no less significant factor in protecting men’s health from insidious diseases is a visit to the urologist at least once a year, especially if you already have problems in urology. Perhaps this will help protect against prostate cancer.

First of all, in the presence of alarming symptoms, many women have a question: how to persuade a man to see a doctor. Indeed, according to the stereotypes that still exist in our society, a man does not have the right to “illness”, weakness, or indisposition. Which ultimately leads to sad consequences.

Here, a man is very important to the support of loved ones, the realization that he will be supported in any condition, will help to cope with the illness and recover. Such support is important and is a kind of first step at the beginning of treatment.

Sad examples that could have been avoided
For example, prostate cancer ranks first in the world among men with oncology. It is treated very well. And all – go and pass a single test for PSA. But in practice, we practically do not see localized prostate cancer, even in Moscow, with the current level of equipment, in the 21st century.

And all because on TV and other media channels unrecognized “geniuses” of traditional medicine set forth to the people dubious information about the benefits of treating kidney diseases with rings of sliced ​​cucumbers that they put on their eyes (he witnessed such tips as an expert on one of the broadcasts). And all this, instead of using Channel 1 at the “prime time”, to inform the whole country that prostate cancer is the only cancer that can be detected at an early stage, just by passing a blood test.

Considerable “merit” in the growth of morbidity and the patients themselves. Men are often frankly afraid to go to the doctor, just afraid to hear the diagnosis, there are those who, in a very strange way, believe that “they will find something, and then they will heal to death.” And then such a patient comes with a total lesion of the bones with metastases of prostate cancer, which has no symptoms, no matter how claimed the opposite “folk healers” on TV and on the Internet.

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