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Colds, allergies and other dangers from conditioners that you should be aware of.

You can often hear from colleagues and acquaintances: “I caught a cold under the air conditioner.” And this is not just an assumption, but the truth. Yes, “thanks to” staying under the air conditioner you can get a cold because of hypothermia. In addition, if the filters are not changed in time, any dust accumulating there contributes to the accumulation of allergens, since the allergens are sorbed in the dust. About these and other dangers of health conditioners – in the material of Natalia Tolstoy.Is it possible to “forgive” from the air conditioner
The phrase “blown under the conditioner” is not a figurative exaggeration, but the real cause of a cold in the hot summer due to hypothermia under the conditioner. Sometimes, tired of the summer heat, so want to cool. But here lies the main danger of many – the cold air. Some even try to set the temperature colder, completely not thinking about the consequences for their health.

A strong stream of cold air blows on a person sitting under an air conditioner. Thus, the seemingly “harmless” cool “breeze” contributes to colds. And at the present time, despite all the achievements of medical science, the mechanism for the development of such a cold is not completely clear.

However, the basic safety rules for staying under the air conditioner should be remembered:

it is important that the air flow from the air conditioner does not blow directly at you,
The overall temperature in the room should not be below 18-24 C. This range is the most comfortable and safe.

And when you come from the heat into a cold room, yes, indeed, there can be an unpleasant feeling, because, strictly speaking, we go in the hot weather from the street, well sweating, and our body in a cool room cools much faster, and sweat on the surface of the body contributes to the aggravation of the state of hypothermia.

About allergens
Any surfaces, furniture and household appliances, any equipment is an excellent source of dust accumulation, which, in turn, accumulates allergens, as well as feather pillows and carpets loved by our grandmothers, which were in every house and apartment during the Soviet era. Air conditioners are arranged according to the same principle. If the filters are not cleaned in a timely manner from accumulated dirt and dust, it is easy to arrange a real “hotbed” of dust and allergens in this air conditioner. Therefore, the principle is quite simple: the less dust, the more healthy it will be.

Thus, it is important to always monitor the condition of the air conditioner, change filters in time (experts recommend doing it at least 4-6 months of continuous operation of the air conditioner) and do not forget about regular cleaning of the room where the air conditioner is installed.

Air conditioning in the fitness club
Additional danger lies in the air conditioning in fitness clubs. Often the training halls are located in the basement, sometimes they do not even have windows. And instead of airing, trainers turn on air conditioning at maximum power. However, air conditioning does not replace airing. And if you actively sweat under the flow of cold air, “enriched” with bacteria and sweat particles of the whole team, then you put yourself at risk of not only being supercooled, but also of “harboring” harmful organisms in your body.

Air conditioning and ventilation
Airing removes substances that promote the activity of allergens from the air. Therefore, the more often to air the room, the better. Due to this, the required level of oxygen in the atmosphere is achieved – 0.21 percent, which contributes to a healthy in all respects indoor atmosphere and a good mood for training or work.
The presence of air conditioning does not solve the problem of maintaining a normal, healthy concentration of air in the room. Only through regular airing, even if there is no source of chemical “hazards” in the room, does dust are removed, its concentration decreases and the influence of allergens is minimized. Otherwise, an increased concentration of these harmful substances can cause diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis. Therefore, especially if there are people with colds in the room, it is important to air the room to reduce the concentration of viruses.

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