Vehicle or source of increased danger? How to avoid injuries while riding a bike
A bicycle is not only one of the best companions of summer leisure, but also ... an inexhaustible source of patients for any traumatologist. Being engaged in cycling, everyone is…

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How osteopathy can help cope with depression and neurosis: a doctor's advice
Depression, along with other mental illnesses, is one of the most common "diseases" of our time. Most often, we “blame” for this stress, overwork at work, poor ecology, unhealthy lifestyle,…

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Postpartum Depression - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments
For someone, postpartum depression sounds like a figure of speech and “whim”. But it is really a serious disease, which affects up to 20% of mothers. And the worst thing…

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What to do if you have cancer: 5 valuable recommendations from an oncologist

The first and most important rule in detecting a malignant tumor is not to panic. And do not be disheartened. Oncological diseases today are successfully cured, especially – identified in the early stages. But the patient’s attitude is very important, because no less depends on his behavior than on medical actions. Read more about them in the material of oncologist Andrei Korzhikov.So, the tumor is revealed. Inhaled, exhaled, asked for the support of loved ones. And we act according to the following algorithm.

1. Get registered and supervised by the district oncologist at the place of actual residence.
Why and why?

Firstly, it is necessary for statistical accounting, from which it is planned to finance each region by the number of observed and newly identified cancer patients.

Secondly, for personal confidence that you will be provided with expensive research, treatment, and follow-up in the coming years. And, if necessary, with extremely expensive targeted drugs or special anesthetics that are inaccessible without an oncologist.

2. Urgently pass a comprehensive “starting” examination.
Immediately – this is not right tomorrow, but not postponing for a couple of months.

Why and why?

First, to establish the true prevalence of the tumor, it is necessary to exclude or to detect its metastases in other organs and tissues as early as possible. This is important for determining the stage of the disease, determining the tactics of treatment and the sequence of therapeutic actions. There is no other way to avoid mistakes. There are cases when treatment is started or has already been performed, and after a few months, with a particular study, “suddenly” tumor metastases are detected. We would have completed this study earlier, and the treatment program would be completely different.

Secondly, for the formation of a full-fledged “starting” diagnostic baggage for all organs, the creation of a reference point for all subsequent years for dynamic observation. Metastases can occur in a year, three, five, ten and even twenty-five years. And with what to compare, if there was no such study before and there is nothing to push off of? Perhaps these are no metastases, but long-existing benign (hemangiomas, cysts) tumors and post-inflammatory foci.

Important! Starting examination must include:

CT (computed tomography);
complex ultrasound (thyroid and mammary glands with regional lymph nodes, abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space with paraaortic lymph nodes, pelvic organs with pelvic, iliac and inguinal lymph nodes);
radioisotope examination of skeletal bones (skeleton scintigraphy);
MRI of the brain.
If possible, it is also necessary to do MSCT (multispiral computed tomography) of the whole body with contrast and PET CT (positron emission tomography).

3. Properly use the period before the start of the main treatment (surgery).
Namely – to strengthen your immunity to fight cancer.

Why and why?

First, in order for the tumor cells to multiply more slowly. The higher in healthy cells the ability to produce its own interferon, the better the body resists the growth of the tumor and the appearance of metastases. If this possibility is reduced, it is necessary to support the body with ready-made interferon preparations. In my clinical practice, I often use, for example, viferon in the form of candles as an additional therapeutic agent. It provides antitumor activity, anti-inflammatory and detoxification effect, better tolerance of aggressive drugs and a decrease in radiation reactions in patients who have undergone or are receiving radiation therapy. Interferon suppositories are particularly indicated for cancer of the cervix and ovaries, kidney and prostate cancer, colon cancer, liver and pancreas, breast and thyroid, lymphoma. In some media today there is information that interferons cause cancer. But this is fundamentally wrong: interferons, on the contrary, are used throughout the world to treat cancer.

Secondly, to prepare the body for more “serious” drugs and procedures. So, today, immune drugs in various forms are necessarily included in the main treatment course for many types of cancer. They are strictly prescribed by the doctor and the reception is carried out under constant supervision.

4. Actively find out from the attending physician and other oncologists about all the new trends in the fight with specifically your type of tumor.
Why and why?

First, in order to use the most modern and effective drugs for treatment. For example, in recent years, immunotherapy of malignant tumors with monoclonal antibodies has been actively developed. These are expensive drugs that have very clear indications for use.

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