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16 unobvious mistakes that can leave you without teeth (literally)

In early childhood, they explained to us: in order to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful, you need to brush them twice a day, try to eat less sweets and periodically visit the dentist. In most cases, this is all and limited. However, every day we can make many unobvious mistakes, the consequences of which are diseases and even loss of teeth. The St. Petersburg implantologist Anton Gerasimov told about the most common ones.Bad habits
Here I do not mean alcohol and smoking (which, of course, is also not positively affecting the health of the teeth), but what is called parafunction in the scientific language. Simply put, when teeth are misused. For example, to gnaw a pen, constantly inflate or vice versa, retract cheeks, bite the lip and tongue, constantly spit, open the bottle caps with your teeth, nibble sunflower seeds, etc. In some cases, a bad habit leads to damage to the teeth, in others – to a violation of bite.

Wrong pasta
For example, you can not use a paste with a high content of fluorine in childhood or in a region where it is sufficient in water. Excessive fluoride levels can lead to weak enamel and stains on the teeth. Paste must be selected by the dentist, taking into account your peculiarities.

Improper tooth brushing
Attempting to brush your teeth as in an advertisement or as our grandmothers taught us, that is, to take a brush and drive it back and forth, nothing good will end. I recommend everyone to attend the hygiene lesson, where they will explain how to properly care for the oral cavity. Such lessons, by the way, are often conducted free of charge.

Use only regular brushes
This is not even the past, but before last century. It is necessary to use modern means of hygiene: electric brushes, irrigators, dental floss. The set for each person is selected individually by the dentist. For example, if you have a bridge, you need to use superfloss – a special kind of thread that helps remove food debris under the prosthesis. In addition, do not forget about professional cleaning at the dentist 1-2 times a year.

Constant stress
There is a saying that all diseases of the nerves, except for caries. But it is not so. Due to regular tension and excitement, we may develop bruxism and klencherchestvo, that is, night gnashing and involuntary compression of teeth in stressful situations. This in turn leads to an overload of the entire maxillofacial apparatus, the occurrence of cracks and wedge-shaped defects at the neck of the teeth.

Overuse of mouthwash
Especially antibacterial. Mania to constantly fight against the emergence of germs will not lead to anything good. In the oral cavity there is a natural flora, where there are a lot of non-pathogenic microbes, that is, those that do not cause diseases, but rather provide difficulties for the survival of pathogenic microbes. Simply put, when you kill all the good germs, it will be easier for the bad to settle in the mouth. In addition, solutions containing oxygen radicals or other active substances can cause discoloration of the teeth towards a more yellow color. Well, when the rinse is used in moderation and for special purposes.

Alternating cold-hot
First eat ice cream, then drink hot tea, and then ice cream again. Such temperature drops, of course, can have a very negative impact on the state of enamel.

A passion for soda
This includes not only sweet lemonade, but also any other gas-containing beverages. Regular consumption of soda due to increased acidity leads to a significant destruction of hard tissues of all teeth.

Ignoring tooth loss
Often the patient thinks that if he lost one tooth, but he is not visible, then there is nothing wrong with that. You can and so walk. But as a result, the rest of the teeth suffer: the neighboring ones bend, the opposite ones move forward, and their necks accordingly become bare. As a result, root caries occurs, and this already leads to the extraction of teeth.

Impassable wisdom teeth
Even if it is not inflamed and in principle does not bother you, the lying tooth must be removed. After all, there is stuck food that begins to rot. Because of these processes, you risk losing the adjacent, seventh tooth. But he already performs a chewing function.

Time not replaced seal
Even if the tooth does not bother, the filling has not cleaved and holds on well for many years, this does not mean that everything is fine. There is such a thing as secondary caries, which develops under the filling. He is very cunning: it is simply not visible. In addition, like everyone else, fillings wear out. Therefore, after 4-5 years, it is worth thinking about updating.

Ignoring the wrong bite
If you don’t care about crooked teeth, you don’t care about aesthetics, and you have already been living with the wrong bite for about 20 years, then probably the scale of the problems you will have is enormous.

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