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World Clinic Guide: Berlin

Berlin is known for its modern art museums, clubs and free spirits. However, as it turned out, Berlin clinics are one of the most advanced medical centers in the world. The editors conducted their investigation and are ready to talk about the best clinics in this city, and also gathered a brief guide to places where you can stay during a visit to Germany and where you should definitely visit. Details – in our material!About medical tourism
What can we say, the popularity of medical tourism among Russians is growing like a snowball. As you know, Germany is famous for its doctors and the latest medical equipment for both operations and routine early diagnosis of diseases. For those who want to combine business with pleasure, it is worth paying attention to the clinics located in the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany Berlin: in addition to the variety of medical centers, there are quite a few other attractions in this city that can be taken by both accompanying and check-up patients . Let’s start, perhaps, with three places where you can receive highly qualified medical care in Berlin.

Sana Clinic Group
Sana Hospital Group is one of the largest German medical companies, which owns more than 53 medical institutions throughout Germany. Sana is the main provider of integrated medical services in this country. Sana operates 53 hospitals with 2.2 million patients per year. The company has 34,293 employees who will create all the necessary conditions and provide increased comfort to their patients and their attendants.

Sana Hospital Group manages leading institutions, including university clinics that provide top-quality and wide-range medical care.

In addition to the main activities related to emergency medical care, the group of companies owns other specialized institutions, such as rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and clinics. Sana is also known for its functional services for more than 500 medical institutions in Germany, including centralized supply, sterilization, hospital nutrition or management and education.

Hospital Sana Hospital Group

In fact, Sana Hospital Group makes a huge contribution to the internationalization of medical services for foreign patients and partners. All medical facilities are easily accessible through the main international airports of Germany. One of the best clinics of the Sana medical group is Berlin as well: highly qualified staff who speak several languages ​​act as coordinators for all issues related to medical care in the capital.

Hospital Vivantes

Another medical center, in no way inferior to Sana, is the Vivantes clinic, located in Berlin. Vivantes is a state medical center that provides medical care in various formats to both German citizens and patients from other countries. The department dealing with foreign patients is ready to provide support in obtaining a visa, translating certificates and test results made by Russia, as well as organize a planned medical check up, which will not take three days, and then translate and transfer all the results and recommendations of the doctor to a foreign patient.

Physiotherapy center Marsch
“We treat no symptoms. We treat their cause, ”is the motto of the Marsch physiotherapy center, located in the Mitte district of Berlin. Professionals in the center of the German capital will take care of you. Along with the classical physiotherapeutic methods, the clinic specializes in osteopathy, sports physiotherapy, detoxification and regenerating massage. These therapeutic methods will help to return to the usual way of life after injury or illness, as well as accelerate rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy center Marsch

Highly qualified personal trainers offer a variety of courses that promote well-being and health, and also teach restorative relaxation. All efforts of the clinic are focused on individual needs and capabilities, which allows to achieve the goal of training as soon as possible and more efficiently.

What with a visa and accommodation
The accompanying services of each individual clinic are ready to provide support in obtaining a visa, but you can go on an even simpler way – go to the site where all the information necessary for organizing the trip is aggregated. One of these is Berlin Health Excellence: in addition to information on the features of the organization of the treatment process, the site offers the best clinics with a website in Russian, as well as several places to stay during your stay in Berlin, and a selection of interesting events and places to go. .

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