Colds, allergies and other dangers from conditioners that you should be aware of.
You can often hear from colleagues and acquaintances: "I caught a cold under the air conditioner." And this is not just an assumption, but the truth. Yes, "thanks to" staying…

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The main causes of "psychological infertility", or why you can not get pregnant
Almost a third of couples who cannot conceive get an explanation that it is a matter of “psychological sterility”. This means that they have no health problems, but despite all…

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Hemorrhoids, constipation, incontinence and other "shameful" problems that are not used to talk
Not with every problem, the patient can come to the doctor and tell at the reception what worries him. For example, if a person has a toothache, he calmly goes…

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5 most dangerous trainers for women, which can be found in every gym

With the onset of the beach season, thousands of women go to gyms and fitness clubs to tidy up their appearance. After all, it was at this time that all the flaws in the figure are visible to the naked eye. It is very important that each workout is not only productive, but also safe. In an effort to lose calories and strengthen muscles, you can easily get injured, recovering after which will take weeks, and even months. We will talk about which simulators can become traumatic for women, and how to do it correctly to avoid damage to the joints and ligaments – in the material Yuri Glazkov.All simulators are created in such a way that they can be practiced more or less safely. For an experienced athlete there are no such exercises that carry great risks, because he always knows his working weight and has a developed muscular feeling. But beginners often do not know how to handle simulators, perform exercises with violation of technology, and therefore are injured. Most often, women are injured in the following simulators.

The reduction and dilution of the legs in the simulator.

Often women use it in the hope of reducing the volume of the hips. We hurry to disappoint you: there is no local weight loss. Hips will decrease only if you lose weight completely. But getting injured on such a simulator is quite easy – all you have to do is throw some of the load from the muscles to the ligaments, doing the exercises in jerks.

Squatting in Smith’s car.

This is bad for both the back and the knees. The problem is that the neck moves straight. This movement is unnatural for a person – usually when squatting with a bar the neck movement is more curved.

Leg press lying down.

It inspires many women, makes them feel strong in their legs, since even beginners can lift quite a lot of weight in this simulator. It is very important not to tear the lower back and not to bend your knees too much while performing such exercises, otherwise you may be injured.

Rotation of the body in the simulator.

Harmful to the spine, and especially to the lower back. Those who have lumbar osteochondrosis or hernia, it is better to bypass this simulator side. In it, the woman is forced to turn the body separately from the pelvis, and this movement is not physiological.

Hyperextension on the bench.

Even exercises without burdens can be risky. Especially if the legs are fastened too high or low, and repetitions are performed at a fast pace. It may cause damage to the knees, spinal column or back muscles.

To go to the gym did not turn into an extreme with a high risk to health, you need to follow safety rules. They are simple and versatile. Here is what needs to be done to avoid injury:

Be sure to do a warm-up before each workout to stretch the ligaments and warm up the muscles.
After a workout make a hitch.
Do not take too much weight in pursuit of the approval of more experienced athletes, but increase it gradually.
Do not overwork.
Do not go to the gym if you feel bad.
Do not train too often, otherwise overtraining can occur – a condition in which the risk of injury increases significantly.
Do not try to do the exercise with jerks if there is not enough muscle strength to complete the approach.
Ask partners or a safety coach when performing dangerous exercises.

What to do in case of injury?
Stop training immediately. This must be done even if you believe that there is no serious injury. Any pain or discomfort is a reason to go home immediately and return to the gym next time only after full recovery.

Consult a doctor. You may think that you do not have dislocations, fractures, ligament breaks and other injuries that require medical assistance. But you can’t know for sure. Therefore, you need to see a doctor necessarily – it will take not so much time, but you will feel calm.

Undergo treatment immediately after injury. Old injuries are treated harder and longer than fresh injuries. Therefore, if necessary, you must immediately undergo a course of therapy. To date, there are quite effective ways to quickly restore damaged tissue. For example, with joint injuries, it is possible to accelerate the regeneration of cartilage and ligaments with the help of arthrotherapy. This technique involves the intra-articular injection of platelet-rich plasma and hyaluronate. As a result, pain is reduced, reparative processes are accelerated, trophicity in tissues is normalized. Due to arthrotherapy, the patient recovers many times faster.

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