Bad teeth, bad breath, and other popular veneer myths that you’ll need to know about
One can argue endlessly about the ideals of beauty, but a snow-white healthy smile always caused admiration and delight. The actors and singers from the TV screens seem to be…

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Bad teeth, bad breath, and other popular veneer myths that you’ll need to know about

One can argue endlessly about the ideals of beauty, but a snow-white healthy smile always caused admiration and delight. The actors and singers from the TV screens seem to be smiling purposefully with perfectly even white teeth, evoking the fans not only positive emotions, but also envy. A couple of years ago, veneering was considered a procedure available only to the stars of show business. However, now almost everyone can afford a shining smile. However, on the Internet you can find a large number of myths about the procedure of vening. On the most common of them – in the material.Before talking about myths, let’s see what veneers are and why hundreds of stars resort to this procedure. Veneers are records that fall into the smile zone. Veneers are attached to the teeth and consist of modern materials (ceramics, zirconium, composite). The thickness of the plates is usually not more than one millimeter. Basically, veneers are installed specifically on the smile area (ten upper and ten lower teeth).

TV stars are passionately in love with the veneering procedure for several reasons. First, thanks to the veneers, the teeth get the perfect shape and color. The smile becomes truly Hollywood and attracts many enthusiastic looks. Secondly, many stars of show business are attracted by the simplicity of caring for veneers. In essence, care is no different from standard oral hygiene rules.

Another important reason for installing veneers is their invisibility to others. Modern technologies allow the use of the best materials in the manufacture of veneers. Therefore, to distinguish them from real teeth is almost impossible. Moreover, modern materials allow to provide high comfort veneers. A few years ago, many stars preferred to insert diamonds and rhinestones into veneers. Today, this trend is declining, since naturalness is becoming more and more popular.

Myth or reality?
Veneers lead to complete tooth decay
Before installing the veneers, almost the same thing happens as when installing metal-free crowns. The teeth are pre-grinded, dentists are checking for the absence of pathologies or caries in the oral cavity. If caries is suddenly detected, the treatment is necessarily carried out. Penetration to the teeth of pathogenic bacteria is completely limited by sealed pads. They also save teeth in the future from plaque and exposure to lactic acid.

Due to veneers, bad breath may occur.
The main reason for the smell in the oral cavity is the accumulation of food debris between the teeth. However, the veneer plates are so tight to the teeth that they exclude the possibility of food debris. Fixed veneers with special dental cement. But even in this case, one should not neglect the generally accepted rules of oral hygiene.

Walk with veneers – uncomfortable
It is likely that for 1-2 days after the installation of veneers there may be a slight discomfort in the mouth. The reason for this may be dental cement that appears between the teeth. However, as soon as the dentist removes his remnants, the discomfort will completely disappear.

Instead of teeth – veneers!
Many believe that with the help of veneers, you can restore lost teeth. We hurry to upset you: in the absence of teeth, the installation of veneers is simply impossible. Veneers can only be installed on their own teeth, despite their imperfections: chipped or other defects.

You can install veneers in one day.
Installing veneers requires at least a few visits to the dentist. Initially, during the first session, the patient’s oral cavity is examined, the doctor identifies problems, treats caries, makes a model of your future teeth, etc. In the second session, teeth are turned, silicone prints are removed and temporary patches are installed. On the third visit, after a preliminary fitting, the veneers themselves are installed.

But progress does not stand still, digital technologies are gaining momentum and in some cases it becomes possible to install “digital” veneers in one visit to the dentist.

Will fall out – will not fall out
With proper preparation of the teeth, the likelihood that the lining can fall out is reduced to almost zero. In order to break the veneers, will have to work hard. The material from which veneers are made is so strong that it allows you to nibble on hard carrots or other vegetables. However, do not get carried away: if you constantly chew on solid food, even your own teeth will not thank you.

For life
With proper care and regular examination by a dentist, veneers can serve you for many years. However, it is impossible to name the exact figures, since the service life depends on many external factors. These are the qualifications of the dentist, the quality of the material used, and the use of modern technologies and techniques.

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