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Puffiness of the face and 3 more problems with appearance that can be solved with the help of osteopathy

Modern girls are willing to spend fabulous money on cosmetic procedures, expensive products and care in the name of one single goal – to become beautiful. The goal is good, but often the chosen path is not the only correct one. And when the skin does not become perfect, the hair continues to fall out, and the swelling does not pass, the girls, as it is right, blame for this incorrectly chosen care, wrong nutrition. Of course, all this matters, but there is one more reason, which for some reason no one attaches importance to. Details – in the material and osteopath Vladimir Zhivotova.It has historically developed in our country that people, be they doctors or cosmetologists, work with symptoms, and they are the last to deal with the underlying cause of the disease. And it concerns both health and beauty. My head aches – we take pills, swelling – we put on masks.

This is fundamentally the wrong approach, since, by neutralizing the symptom, we will not get rid of the problem itself, and sooner or later the situation will repeat. Osteopathy is looking for the causes of symptoms in the clips in the body, the displacement of bones and injuries received even at birth. We picked up 4 common problems with appearance that can be caused by just such reasons, which are solved by osteopathic doctors.

Loss, brittleness and dull hair color
For clarity, you can compare the hair with grass: so that they grow, they also need a favorable “soil”, moisture. Hair follicles feed on arterial blood, which is a vehicle for nutrients.

When blood circulation is disturbed, a “drought” occurs, as a result of which the hair becomes lifeless, dull, and begins to fall out. Why is this happening? The most common cause of circulatory disorders are generic or acquired injuries of the skull, due to which vascular compression occurs. Blood does not flow to the hair follicles in sufficient quantities, which provokes hair loss.

Puffiness of face
One of the reasons for the appearance of edema on the face may be the stagnation of fluid in the tissues of the face due to compression of blood vessels. When the venous and lymphatic vessels are “pressed” by bones, ligaments, strained muscles, this contributes to the formation of the so-called “excess water”. During sleep, we are in a horizontal position for a long time, which further “slows down” the outflow of fluid from the face. That is why in the morning swelling is most noticeable.

Reduction of puffiness is a natural effect of osteopathic treatment. This fact is noted by almost all patients. Coming for one result, they received a “life without edema” as a pleasant bonus.

Redness and skin irritation
Impaired blood circulation can also provoke irritation on the skin of the face. As the fluid stagnates in the skin, its protective properties are impaired. The skin becomes vulnerable and easily “picks up” infections, the manifestation of which are redness, rash, etc.

Therefore, before shifting the responsibility to “predisposition” and “features” of the skin, it is necessary to begin to improve the outflow of lymph and blood from the face, so that the protective properties of the skin are restored and that it is cleansed independently.

Face asymmetry
One of the main causes of facial asymmetry is birth trauma. If the pelvis of mom is crooked, as the head passes through the birth canal, it deforms, the bones shift from their normal position; the whole skull undergoes such a change.

And if the mother brought such a child to an osteopath at a young age, there is every chance of rectifying the situation. The older a person becomes, the harder it is to change something. A formed person, of course, cannot change the position and completely eliminate the asymmetry. Also acquired injuries can make a contribution to asymmetry: blows, dental injuries. Oddly enough, but such cases are common. On the background of osteopathic treatment, they become less noticeable.

Of course, lack of vitamins in the body, bad habits, sleep disturbance, maintaining a passive lifestyle, and poor diet also affect our appearance. But often people, in particular women who lead a healthy lifestyle, continue to experience all of these problems. And in this case, it may be worth consulting with an osteopath.

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